Dimaria Construction

700, rue Bériault

Longueuil, QC J4G 1R8


RBQ number : 8255-4684-41

Building Construction, Renovation, Restoration and Extension

Our Services

Concrete works:

Floorings, walls, foundations, beams, columns, tank bases, bases for various equipment, retention basins, retaining walls, stairs, ramps, sidewalks, etc.

Steel and wrought metals:

Beams, columns, mezzanines, equipment holders, walkways, stairs, railings, ladders, safety bollards, etc.

Exterior framework:

Masonry, metal cladding, explosion-proof panels


Openings in floors, walls and roofs, garage doors, pedestrian doors

Loading docks:

Dock levellers, bumpers, loading and unloading platforms, loading dock canopies.

Waterproofing membranes and specialized caulking:

Membranes for underground parking lots, membranes on structural slabs, membranes for foundations, sealing on retention basins, sealing of cracks, etc.


General excavation work, levelling, soil stabilization.

Drainage and sewerage:

Gutters, sumps, sewers, floor drains, waterstops, French drains, retention basins


Asphalt, concrete, curbs and sidewalks


Mechanical rooms, electrical rooms, compressor rooms,


Our engineers, who are members of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, do the calculations, as well as construction drawings and sketches in-house.


Building Construction, Renovation, Restoration and Extension